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Research Commitment

DDI supports cutting-edge research in participation with prominent global institutions.

One of our driving research goals has been to bring greater awareness of the function of elements in clinical biochemistry and medicine. We have been actively involved in studies dealing with important subjects such as:

  • Intellectual and neurological development and behavior in children
  • The adverse effects of toxic waste and heavy industrialization on hypertension, cardiovascular disease and other conditions
  • The biochemical connection between aberrant behavior and violence in juveniles and adults
  • Zinc deficiency and suppression of growth in humans

We have partnered with Argonne National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Hospital, the European Commission Joint Research Centre, the United States Navy, the California Criminal Justice System, the Oklahoma Department of Health and Human Services, the Universities of California, Florida, Illinois and Texas, and many others.

As part of our commitment to helping answer important biomedical questions, we welcome research proposals and seek collaboration with strong clinical practitioners who are equally committed to improving health and advancing basic knowledge of element function and metabolism. For more information, please contact us today.